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A musical love story for adults, teens and precocious children, Gwendolyn Magnificent and Bartholomew Spectacular use a tin-can telephone to share their whimsical story. The performance begins with demanding dragon fruits and ends with heartache whispered into the ears of birds and constellations. With spoons, water glasses, whirly-winds and a mandolin, the performers create the sounds and images of a landscape forever altered by two people coming together and falling apart. A new production of this fun and charming multi-award-winning musical play featuring Calgary artists.

 Countries Shaped Like Stars

By Emily Pearlman and Nick Di Gaetano
March 21- April 8th, 2023


Directed and Co-Musical Direction by Kathryn Smith


A co-production with Lunchbox Theatre


Cast: Anna Dalgleish & Tiffany Thomas


Set Design by Anton deGroot

Costume Design by Jolane Houle

Lighting Design by Lisa Floyd

Co-Musical Direction: Miranda Martini

Stage Manager: Ashley Rees

Apprentice Stage Manager: Caaryn Sadoway

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