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"Touch Me: Songs for a (dis)Connected Age"

Touch MeTechnology has the power to bring people together like never before. People can instantly get in touch with old friends through facebook, share their thoughts in real time via twitter, and your best friend is really only ever a text message away. So, is social media a force for good or are our online lives making us more isolated than ever?

"Touch Me" is a one-act musical theatre revue featuring all-new songs composed by writers from across Canada (and a couple of honorary Canadians too!) Funny, tuneful and sometimes poignant, "Touch Me" is bound to get you thinking about the connections in your life.

The all-star cast of "Touch Me" includes:

Three-time Betty Mitchell Award winning actor, Christian Goutsis
Calgary Critics' Award nominee, Lisa Lennox
Betty Mitchell and Calgary Critics' Award winner, Scott Shpeley
Stampede Talent Search Winner, Selina Wong

Calgary Critics' Award winner, JP Thibodeau, directs "Touch Me" while musical direction is by three-time Betty Mitchell Award winner, Joe Slabe.

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